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Psychic Readings by Ella

We are Clairvoyants and Psychic Readers we are certified yoga and chakra, instructors serenity and sage takes  pride in helping others overcome unnecessary stress and obstacles.  Unlike other psychic services, we offer spiritual consultation in a calm and relaxing environment.  We do not put a time limit on our readings we focus on you and your energy,so you can finally get the answers you are seeking. We will give you the answers that you need to better understand your past so you can be more focused on your future  so contact serenity and sage, ♥️start loving what you do and do what you love ! Don’t let anything stand in your way any longer – let’s work together to bring balance and positivity back into your life. Reach out to me today and experience the transformative power of spiritual healing.

About Me

All reading and services are specifically tailored for you ! And before a reading is done it is  prepared through prayer and meditation to seek out the energy that will uncover the truth  as well as the highest level of service!      I am  an extremely  spiritual person ! which is why I think I have such a great insights and love for My clients, I will meditate and prepare through prayer so i can offer you help and to guide you to feeling better every reading or session leaves you feeling empowered, seen, heard, validated, and more connected with yourself than ever before ! you can better understand your self and your By knowing why spirituality is important by learning to use this amazing tool , you can start to find your own path and journey towards happiness. So whether you’re new to spiritual thinking or have been exploring it for years, taking part in a spiritual psychic reading will provide you with everything you need to know to find your paths and life